Doktorandenseminar LUIS in Kiel

In der letzten Woche ist wieder einmal das Lehrstuhlübergreifende Doktorandenseminar „LUIS“ gewesen, diesmal organisiert von Carsten Schultz am Lehrstuhl für Technologiemanagement der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. Es hat Spaß gemacht und war lehrreich, zumindest für mich, danke fürs Organisieren! Das nächste Jahr wird es von uns organisiert werden.

Gruppenbild LUIS2017

FULLY BOOKED: THIS on Open & Collaborative Innovation is just around the corner!

As the last preparations are made, the countdown has begun for The Hamburg Innovation Symposium 2014, first anounced here in January. The theme of our symposium is Open & Collaborative Innovation and we are very proud to welcome in Hamburg some of the most prolific researchers on the topic as keynotes as well as participants — just take a look at our program here.

We were taken by surprise how fast we received requests to participate and are very sorry to say that our limits are already more than reached so that we cannot admit further participants. In case we receive the necessary funding, we might organize THIS a second time next year. So stay tuned.