On the importance of Open Data

Back in 2006 or so, I discovered openstreetmap.org, which was a rather obscure and empty do-it-yourself map of the world back then. This prompted me to join and help out, by mapping and by running the Tiles@Home service for a few years (until the technology could not scale anymore, because so many changes happened simultanously).… On the importance of Open Data weiterlesen

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I am #8!

If you google „Digitale Personalbeschaffung„, my course is #8 of all resulting hits! That is, at least in my filter bubble.

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Carsharing – A mini-auto-ethnography

I have just signed up for three carsharing services in Hamburg: Greenwheels, Cambio, and Flinkster. Here is my experience of the sign up process: Greenwheels Greenwheels is a subsidiary of the Dutch „Collect Car B.V.“. There is an online sign up form. It includes a mandatory upload of a scanned driving license as PDF or… Carsharing – A mini-auto-ethnography weiterlesen

Impressions from this year’s re:publica

re:publica, a conference focusing on issues related to the digital society, took place from 5-7 May in Berlin. What is unique about the conference is that it brings together people from various backgrounds such as researchers, business people, political activists, journalists and bloggers. The diversity is reflected in the program and I tried to gain… Impressions from this year’s re:publica weiterlesen

Open Position

If you are a postdoc or just about to finish your dissertation, consider applying at our chair. The German call for applications can be found here. Of yourse you should be interested in research relevant to our chair :-).

„The Rise and Fall of Interdisciplinary Research“ now also as book

If you have missed our article „The Rise and Fall of Interdisciplinary Research: The Case of Open Source Innovation“ in Research Policy in 2013, I am happy to say that you can read a version of it in the just now published book Open Source Innovation (Routledge). Thanks to Daniel Ehls and Cornelius Herstatt for… „The Rise and Fall of Interdisciplinary Research“ now also as book weiterlesen

Welcome Sabrina Korreck

We welcome Sabrina Korreck (still with an empty web page) as a new doctoral student to our team. She will be examining User Foresight (how firms make use of Users knowledge for trend recognition/idea generation) as part of a three University project between University of Hamburg (me), Helmut Schmidt University (Hans Koller), and the Technical… Welcome Sabrina Korreck weiterlesen

To Own or not to Own

The move from a manufacturing and product-based economy towards a knowledge-based service economy is certainly exciting and interesting. One obvious change of course is the digitization of products which companies use to switch from the „buy it and own it“ mode to a „license the right to use it“ mode. Even in the non-digital world… To Own or not to Own weiterlesen

Good luck Piet Hausberg

My dear friend and colleague Piet Hausberg was employee #1 at the chair of Management and Digital Markets. Since July 2013, he has been performing research as a postdoctoral researcher, coaching students at all levels, being a nice guy and drinking an insubordinate amount of coffee (making me feel less bad in comparison).However, after barely… Good luck Piet Hausberg weiterlesen

Free WiFi-Access in Hamburg

When it comes to internet access Germany keeps lagging behind, not only in terms of bandwidth, but also in terms of legal responsibilities of hotspot operators (this so-called „Störerhaftung“ has been recently been debated at the German parliament). Apparently there are plans to provide free of charge wifi access in the city of Hamburg (article in German)… Free WiFi-Access in Hamburg weiterlesen