Neues Working Paper zum Thema Inkubatoren!

Inkubatoren sind wichtige Akteuere innerhalb der Unterstützerlandschaft von Startups. Seit den 1950er Jahren sind sie als Instrument der regionalen Wirtschaftsförderung sowie des universitären Technologietransfers bekannt. Neben diesen öffentlich geförderten sind ab den 1990er Jahren zunehmend privatwirtschaftliche Inkubatoren als Unterstützer von Startups in Erscheinung getreten. Insbesondere in den letzten Jahren sind viele Inkubatoren von etablierten Unternehmen im Rahmen von Corporate Entrepreneurship Initiativen entstanden.

Im Rahmen einer bibliometrischen Analyse haben Piet Hausberg und Sabrina Korreck die Literatur zu diesem spannenden Thema ausgewertet. Diese Arbeit ist nun als Working Paper erschienen. Sie ist zugleich Teil einer umfangreicheren Arbeit zum Thema „Corporate Incubators and Accelerators as Tools for Open Innovation“.

Impressions from this year’s re:publica

re:publica, a conference focusing on issues related to the digital society, took place from 5-7 May in Berlin. What is unique about the conference is that it brings together people from various backgrounds such as researchers, business people, political activists, journalists and bloggers. The diversity is reflected in the program and I tried to gain a broad overview of all topics covered.
Some of the talks provided food for thought. I attended talks about corporate surveillance in the age of digital tracking, big data and internet of things as well as talks about how activities of intelligence agencies sabotage official foreign policy objectives. Furthermore, whistleblower Annie Machon talked about her experiences as a MI5 intelligence officer and how the „war on concepts“ (i.e. the wars against drugs, terrorism, internet and  whistleblowers) is misused to restrict civic rights.
At the same time also cool stuff is happening: I visited the „Global Innovators“ talk and learned about local hacker, maker and start-up scenes in Singapore, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Brazil. Moreover, I took chance to attend a 3D printing workshop and learned about collaborative knowledge production in the context of „book sprints“ and online collaboration in the context of the German blog, which publishes entries of a war diary exactly 100 years after World War One.

Last, but not least, a major re:publica highlight was the talk of astronaut Alexander Gerst, who enthused the audience with his pictures and anecdotes from his six-month-stay at the International Space Station. The video is now online!

Astronaut Alexander Gerst on Stage
Astronaut Alexander Gerst on Stage