Good luck Piet Hausberg

My dear friend and colleague Piet Hausberg was employee #1 at the chair of Management and Digital Markets. Since July 2013, he has been performing research as a postdoctoral researcher, coaching students at all levels, being a nice guy and drinking an insubordinate amount of coffee (making me feel less bad in comparison).
However, after barely 1 and a half year, he has already moved on to form a chair of his own at the University of Osnabrück. There he holds the chair of Technology and Innovationmanagement now.
Unfortunately, it is a time-limited assistent professorship and he will still have to make it onto a permanent position. He has all the skills and knowledge, but Fortuna plays her part as well, so I wish him all the best of luck.
We continue to collaborate on reserach topics and occassionally host him in our premises to save him 5 hours of commuting time (on a single day!).

It was fun to have such a great colleague that close, now it will have to suffice to have a great colleague a bit futher away, good luck Piet!

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  1. Thanks a lot to you, Sebastian, for being a fantastic colleague and friend and the others as well for having made this a great little team. I miss you as well (and indeed the coffee mashine a lot!).
    So see you soon again in VMP9

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