Smart phones conquer Germany

Having purchased a fairphone for Christmas, our family-owned collection of Android devices has been extended again. Obviously, we are not the only ones. German industry association Bitkom has released estimates of smartphone marketshare in 2014. duly reports the results, so does It is expected that the German marketshare of smartphones will reach 82% in 2014, amounting to 95% of all mobile phone revenue.

The more interesting phenomenon is the incredible growth of data vs talk: The revenue related to mobile data is expected to grow to 9.6 billion €  while voice-related revenue is supposed to shrink to 10.9 billion €. Despite uncertainties in predicting annual revenue in February, the trend is quite obvious: next year, data-related revenue is expected to overtake voice. Transferred data over mobile connection has grown from 11mio GByte in 2008, to an estimated 330 mio GByte in 2014.

It is interesting to note that while people harp on about, and expect fair treatment on their fixed internet connection (remember the tumult last year, when German Telecom announced reduced speed after a certain volume has been reached?), they seem to accept anything on mobile: volume limits on their „flat rate“ plans, usage restrictions (no VOIP services allowed), and services paid for by content providers who do not count in your volume plan, as currently experimented with by ATT and others (e.g ESPN-Verizon and Facebook-TMobile subsidiary GoSmart). If firms keep on course, the mobile internet experience is set to be different from what we know as the internet.